Volunteer Accident Insurance

Volunteer Accident

Nonprofit volunteer accident insurance provides coverage to volunteers if they are injured, disabled or die during their service to your organization. It is usually more than their own medical insurance and provides reimbursement of medical costs. It can also include coverage for loss of limbs or loss of life.

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs this Coverage

  1. Volunteers not covered by Workers Compensation: Since volunteers aren’t paid they are not usually included on the Workers Comp coverage but your still want to provide some help to them if they are hurt (or worse) while working for your nonprofit.
  2. Volunteers are a valuable resource: Providing Volunteers accident coverage shows that you value their contribution to your organization.
  3. Not everyone has medical insurance: Volunteer accident coverage is structuredd to pay out of pocket expenses (e.g. deductibles, etc.) not covered by the volunteer’s medical insurance.  However, if the volunteer does not have medical insurance then the accident coverage will pay the medical bills up to a certain amount.

This Could Happen to Your Nonprofit

Volunteer Slip and Fall:

During a fundraising event at a local social hall, a nonprofit’s volunteer slips and falls in some liquid spilled by another guest. The volunteer has her own health insurance with a 20% copay. After the $50 deductible is satisfied, the accident policy will pay the remaining 20% copay, up to 100% of usual and customary charges.

Volunteer Death:

A philanthropic organization sponsored a team building event at a ropes course.  A volunteer fell from the course and died from her injuries.  Above and beyond the liability payments from the course operator the nonprofit paid a death benefit from the volunteer accident coverage to the volunteer’s family.

Loss of Limb

While volunteering at a soup kitchen a man accidentally sliced his finger off with a meat slicer.  He medical insurance paid most of the medical bills while the accident coverage covered the remainder.  The accident coverage also paid him a lump sum under the dismemberment benefit. To learn more, contact us.