International Nonprofit Insurance Coverages

International Coverage

Non-profit international insurance provides coverage for your operations outside of the United States. It is similar to general liability but can also include other coverage such as auto liability, volunteer protection, and repatriation.

Three Reasons Why Your Nonprofit Needs this Coverage

  1. You travel overseas to fulfill your mission: Your general liability may have limited coverage for any claims that arise from your travel to meetings or projects in other countries so you need International coverage to provide protection.
  2. You have permanent operations in another country: If you have permanent operations overseas (e.g. animal sanctuary, clean water project, medical services, etc.) then you need to have a policy that will protect those operations.
  3. You have employees stationed in another country: Any American citizens stationed overseas for your nonprofit need to be protected with medical insurance and repatriation options in case they are injured.

This Could Happen to Your Nonprofit

Auto Accident

A medical services organization was involved in a car accident in a rental vehicle while on an overseas mission.  The international policy paid the medical bills of the third party and paid for the repair to the rented vehicle for a total of $35,000.

Medical Bills

An employee of an animal rights organization broke her wrist while working in an elephant sanctuary.  He needed to be transported to the closest specialist which happened to be in another country. Then he needed surgery.  The transportation was all arranged by the insurance company and all of the medical bills were paid.


A group of civil rights advocates needed emergency evacuation from a war-torn country.  They contacted the provider of the international coverage who arranged the transportation and got them all out safely.