SteelBridge is a national leader in providing insurance and risk management for nonprofit and social service organizations. Our family owned and operated brokerage has been providing insurance products and risk management advice for over 40 years. From our offices in Santa Cruz, California to Colorado to New York to Texas and everywhere in between, our team is available to design an insurance program to fit your organization’s needs. For us, the most important part of doing business is not getting someone to sign on the dotted line, but seeing the results of our guidance positively manifested in the lives of our clients.


  1. We love each and every one of our clients and our first goal is to make sure they know it!
  2. Our second goal is to work with our clients closely to ensure that their risk is covered by an insurance program that provides them superior coverage at premiums that fit their budget.
  3. Lastly, our third goal is the make the process as friendly and easy as possible.


Our mission is to enhance and simplify the insurance buying and implementation experience. We achieve this by anticipating the multi-faceted needs of our clients and surpassing their expectations, by accumulating superior product knowledge, by creative problem-solving, by setting new standards of excellence, by using state of the art technology, and by always challenging the existing standards in our industry.


  • Act with honesty and integrity above all else
  • Treat everyone with respect and consideration
  • Pursue excellence with a passion
  • Search for knowledge relentlessly
  • Live with joy and seek fulfillment
  • Do what we say we will
  • Embrace a positive attitude
  • Challenge the paradigm
  • Create innovative solutions
  • Give more than expected